Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Episode 18: Donkey Kong Country

We celebrate the 20th anniversary of Donkey Kong Country by listening to tracks from throughout the DKC series. Tom and Nat are joined by Jon Funk, the resident statistician/mad scientist of the Rainwave forums, who picks some excellent tracks. Tom and Nat admit some potentially unpopular opinions about DKC's music, yet we all ended up enjoying the music that was played!

Note: Jon's mic was unfortunately muffled, making his voice sometimes hard to hear.

 Tracklist (full info here):

Frosty FrolicsDonkey Kong Country 3Eveline Fischer
Life in the MinesDonkey Kong CountryDavid Wise
Aquatic AmbianceDonkey Kong CountryDavid Wise
Bonus Room BlitzDonkey Kong CountryAQ64
Thump BrothersDonkey Kong Country 3Flexstyle
Brambles in the BreezeDonkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong QuestProtricity
Feather FiendDonkey Kong Country ReturnsKenji Yamamoto
Funky's in da ForestDonkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong QuestPANDAstar
Mangrove CoveDonkey Kong Country: Tropical FreezeDavid Wise
Rest and (Re)spite on a Soft Summer NightDonkey Kong CountryTyler Heath (Unknown)
Spanish JittersDonkey Kong Country 3David Wise, Robin Beanland, Level 99, Daniel Rosenqvist, Harmony, bustatunez, zyko, JJT, OA, prophetik, Diggi Dis
Simian SegueDonkey Kong Country: Tropical FreezeDavid Wise
Hornet HoleDonkey Kong LandDavid Wise, Graeme Norgate

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