Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Episode 11: Commodore 64 OST

In this episode we concentrate solely on soundtrack songs from the Commodore 64, one of the main home computers of the 80's and early 90's. We hear a lot of tracks from Western composers who were largely influenced by the electronic music popular in Europe at the time. If you aren't familiar with the C64 and its SID sound chip, definitely give this a listen -- lots of good music came out of this era!

I should have given a shout-out to Stone Oakvalley's Authentic SID Collection, where you can get most of the tracks we played this episode as MP3s.

Oh, and sorry this episode is a week late. We try to stick to every other Wednesday, but sometimes life gets in the way!

 Tracklist (full info here):

Main ThemeDeltaRob Hubbard
IntroductionSphere BrainTero Hilpinen, Toni Hilpinen
BGM Part 6Gordian TombThomas Detert
R-Type C64 Theme (Original Sound Version)R-TypeChris Hülsbeck
TitleTurbo OutrunJeroen Tel
Main ThemeMonty on the RunRob Hubbard
TitleTurricanVince DiCola, Ramiro Vaca
BGMHalifaxOnyx Design
Subtune 2DominatorMatt Gray
C64anabaltCanabaltMikkel Hastrup (Encore)
The StreetLast Ninja RemixReyn Ouwehand
TrapsTurrican II: The Final FightChris Hülsbeck

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