Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Episode 5: Original + Remix

Tom and Nat play original songs from game soundtracks alongside their remixes. This side-by-side comparison allows us to see what the remixer was trying to do with the source material. Lots of good tracks here, both from the originals and the remixes!

 Tracklist (full info here):

DangerSecret of ManaHiroki Kikuta
Step Off My Flower BedSecret of ManaNase
Main ThemeSpace HarrierHiro
Rainbow RoadMario Kart 64Kenta Nagata
RadianceMario Kart 64Benjamin Briggs, Level 99
You're Fired!SimCitySoyo Oka
There's A New Mayor In TownSimCityJoshua Morse
Cave Story (Plantation)Cave StoryDaisuke Amaya (Pixel)
PlantationCave StoryRare Candy
Dusk Falls (NES)BloodRayne: BetrayalJake Kaufman (virt)
Dusk FallsBloodRayne: BetrayalJake Kaufman (virt)
Sky Sanctuary ZoneSonic & KnucklesHoward Drossin, Jun Senoue, Tomonori Sawada, Tatsuyuki Maeda, Sachio Ogawa
Breathtaking VisionSonic & KnucklesKanjika
Prologue ThemeSnow Bros.Mikiko Suzuki, Osamu Ohta, Tatsuya Uemura
Go Blow Snow For A YearSnow Bros.housethegrate
Master of FlameMega Man 6EvilHorde

1 comment:

  1. I started listening to this podcast from the beginning after seeing your posts on the legacy music hour page and I must say: This is great work! Really enjoyable selection of music. I like that you do not limit yourself to older music and originals.

    Especially this episode was really nice - having the direct comparison between original and cover was super interesting.

    Your banter sometimes feels a little unrelaxed - but then again, you are only at the 5th episode. Keep them coming! Much appreciated content.